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My first post is in the bag!

I have wanted to start a blog for about 6 months.  The idea first came to me after I purchased an eco bag that I am just crazy about.  I just wanted to tell everyone how much I loved it.  Then I got to thinking about all the other changes we have been making and I wondered if maybe others would like to hear about this too.

My Flip & Tumble bag is what inspired me.  I toss it in my purse.  It hardly weighs anything and is BIG.  The thing I like the best is the way it stuffs back into the attached pouch.  Check out the video on their site to see how easy it is.  I was just reading through the Flip & Tumble ?’s and found out they will recycle the bag for you. That is great because it is made of nylon(which makes it strong and light).   I don’t plan on sending them my bag anytime soon but when I do I will be happy not to toss it in the garbage.  

Since my Flip & Tumble has been in my purse I haven’t needed to use plastic bags.  We are all getting used to taking our bags to the grocery store but for those little trips to Walgreens or the farmer’s market the Flip & Tumble is the best.