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National Ice Cream Day the alternative way

I can’t believe it is already late afternoon and I just realized it is National Ice Cream Day!  I am a diehard fan of this frozen treat.  I have often supported a nightly scoop habit.  I would be more than happy to run an extra mile or forgo the chips to indulge in a little mint choco chip.  I have spent years in search of the perfect ice cream scooper.  There is not an ice cream parlor that I have been able to just stroll by.  This love also extends to frozen custard, yogurt, gelato, sorbet and all other soft, milky frozen treats.  I even went to a college that had their own dairy and made ice cream on campus.  I will shamefully admit to hanging out with a guy more because he worked at an ice cream shop and gave me free pints than anything else he had to offer.  Does anyone else see obsessive behavior here?

My daily scoop stopped fairly abruptly at the beginning of this year.  Sadly, I had been suffering from terrible allergies I couldn’t find relief from.  I decided to go on an elimination diet.  I stopped eating dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, corn, soy, eggs, sugar, and all additives/preservatives.  I figured I had nothing to lose and could do anything for the recommended 4-6 weeks.  I started feeling better almost immediately and after about two weeks my allergy symptoms were reduced by about 75%.  I have continued with this diet adding back in eggs and soybeans only recently.  For the most part, I am continent with this except for my occasional desire for a steaming cup of fresh brewed Java and a double scoop of anything at the frozen dessert counter.  

I am still on a quest for the perfect coffee substitute but I have found a very delicious alternative to ice cream.  A lovely frozen desert made without dairy or sugar.  This is not a quick fix alternative.  You cannot go to the supermarket and pluck a carton out of the freezer.  This turned me off right away and this gem of a cookbook(The Ice Dream Cookbook) sat on my shelf for months before my daughter insisted we give it a try.  I think she really just wanted to use the really cool new ice cream maker that was given to us as a present to go along with the cookbook.  I reluctanly agreed to give it a try.  It took a bit of prep work and a trip to Whole Foods to get a few odd ingredients but our first attempt at the basic vanilla recipe was amazing.  It had the consistience of soft serve custard and a lovely vanilla and coconut taste.  I am in love.

Today we are celebrating my new favorite holiday the alternative way.  My daughter and I mixed up a little Lemon Ice Dream in honor of National Ice Cream Day.  I think it was even better than our first batch.  I am looking through the cookbook now figuring out what we should try next.  How does Cinnamon Fudge Ripple sound?  I don’t plan on this turning into another one scoop a day habit but I am thrilled there is something for those days that I want to indulge.